Studio 70 Art Classes


"Rachel is extremely competent in teaching all mediums of painting and drawing of any subject you wish to choose. Great for the hobbyist and more seriously minded. It's fun, friendly and I love it!"
- Shirley Hughes

"The importance of studying art and learning the techniques involved with a good teacher has endless benifits for us, opportunity to express with our hands and mind what we see and feel emotionally can be a most rewarding experience. Twelve years ago as a novice with no previous experience I began a Beginner's Course with Studio 70, recalling our teacher saying we would never again look at our world in the same way but with an artist's eye, this has certainly been proven to me in many ways. The sense of achievement with the completion of each painting can't be fully explained, the artist you become enriches your life and the anticipation in choosing your next subject is exciting. I believe we grow in humility as a result and enjoy a passion for learning which remains with us always."
- Jean M. Rix

"Why is it important to do art? If artistic feelings are not expressed it leaves them unfulfilled and frustrated. A canvas can capture a mood or a moment in a way that words could never. An artist sees the world through different eyes and needs to express this. What are the benefits of art? Art benifits all it's audience by what's expressed on canvas and carries them to different heights of their own imagination and relieves them from the day-to-day stress of this world. Being in a class with other students is much more inspiring to the imagination than painting by oneself. An atmosphere can be captured and projected into a room, by the one instructing, to create a desired mood conducive to creativity with long lasting benefits."
- Sharon Shimokawa

"I have been attending Rachel Adler's art classes for about six years and this class has become one of my weekly highlights. I find Rachel an excellent and very encouraging teacher. The time I spend painting is most relaxing and I take pride in showing my work to family and friends who are interested."
- Fred Palmer

"Not all of us are fortunate or blessed to indulge ourselves in the rewarding hobby of painting. Painting has given me more pleasure and satisfaction than I can remember for a long time. When I first started to paint it was like pulling up the blind and looking out the window. I could see shadows in the form of trees. I was looking at flowers differently, the form and texture and colouring made me feel very humble, that nature was so much better than us. Also I took more interest in the old masters and went to the Art Gallery. Generally it opened another world for me and then the other artists I met and the comradery and rapport I enjoyed was like we were joined by a bond. I've only had two teachers and I'm glad I met Rachel for her expertise and teaching improves everyone. Not only is Rachel a talented teacher in every medium but it's when you doubt yourself and your ability that she is at her best. Just talking to her and her sense, compassion and wisdom restores your self-esteem. I couldn't imagine a student not enjoying Rachel's class, the studio is great, the lighting, as well as the ease which emanates from the atmosphere."
- Lawrence Hawkins

"I have been attending Studio70 Art Classes for the last 20 years. Rachel's method of teaching is second to none and previous teachers I have been to do not come close in their teaching methods. She is always calm and serene and has a great relationship with her students, and her students also have a great time in class. In addition to painting and drawing any subject in any medium and style, we have great life discussions. It's the highlight of my week and I have made some wonderful friends there."
- Manou Heman